Bintan’s Sustainable Travel



When you think that the idea of eco-friendly or sustainable travel only applies to backpackers who scale mountains and explore deep into the jungle, well, then you are wrong. Traveling can be one of the most rewarding experiences anyone can get, you can learn about yourself while also learning about other people’s cultures and new landscapes.

Even though traveling can enrich your mind and be a therapeutic retreat, it may not be the same case for the environment. Traveling can have dangerous impacts on the environment such as contributing to climate change. While it can take a little extra effort to travel responsibly, luckily, more resorts, hotels, and food and beverage establishments are starting to adopt more environmentally friendly approaches to their business.

Travelers won’t have to feel the guilt for taking some time to relax on a vacation because the resort or hotel they are staying in respects the planet and environment daily. While it takes a little more effort, there has been an increase in hospitality establishments implementing ‘greener’ initiatives.

How can resorts and hotels be more sustainable?

There are several initiatives a hospitality establishment can take to offer more sustainable services.

Resorts are emitting excessive energy consumption. The lighting and air conditioning in the lobby alone can consume so much energy because it is switched on at all times. Installing energy-saving technologies can make a huge difference for the environment. Remember, little drops make the mighty ocean!

Another alarming factor of the resort business is that a huge amount of waste is created daily, which can be harmful to the environment. It is time for resorts and hotels to start considering recycling amenities such as napkins, shower caps, combs, toothbrushes, and many more. Reducing the use of one-time-use disposables makes a great difference in the long run. Resorts can also start composting food waste rather than throwing it out. This allows fields to not be overly dependent on harsh fertilizers.

If you are looking for an environmentally friendly stay in Bintan, ANMON is the right place to go. The teepee-style resort is one of the finest resorts in the area. Dedicated to giving the best services to its guests, ANMON is also making serious efforts to contribute to environmental sustainability.



Upon arrival, guests will be taken into their teepee tents. Guests are free to wander around the area if they want to, but instead of using oil-fueled engines, guests explore the area using electric scooters or electric buggies.

Each teepee is equipped with limited bathroom amenities to avoid the use of single-use disposables. Shampoo, shower gel, and conditioner are provided in recyclable bottles instead. Also, there is a skylight panel above the bed, which allows natural light to flow into the teepee.


resort in bintan

ANMON is also devotedly committed to producing no waste for their resort. The Compass Rose, ANMON’s signature restaurant, supplies its kitchen with produce sustainably sourced from local vendors. Enjoy the finest feast of local and fusion Mediterranean-inspired cuisine freshly made by their team of chefs.



Inspired by the desert, most of the areas in ANMON are open concept, which dramatically cuts down on the use of electricity, contributing to energy conservation.

Relish a relaxing stay in this luxurious and sustainable glamping resort in Bintan. Rest easy in elegance without having to worry about the environment as ANMON is doing its part to help the natural surroundings.