4 Glamping Resort Ideas Near Singapore



Glamping is an extraordinary and pleasant way to connect with nature. Treat yourself by escaping superficial and frantic tourist activities and embracing the serenity of Mother Earth. Immerse yourself in a secluded glamping tent while being surrounded by the sounds of nature.

When you go glamping, don’t worry about pitching a tent or spending your night in a sleeping bag on cold, hard grounds. You do not need to build a fire! This way, you get to experience camping as well as a good recharge from the hustle and bustle of city life.

These adventurous and peaceful glamping resorts offer amenities that can ease your mind without having to worry about all the hassles of life. Moreover, these sites are located near Singapore.

1. ANMON Desert-Themed Glamping Resort

47 KM from Singapore



Bintan offers a glamping resort just one hour away from Singapore. Live your precious moments and Begin Being with your loved ones at ANMON, a desert-themed glamping resort where you will be introduced to a nomadic life amidst the desert. ANMON offers exclusive glamping packages when you book directly – surprise your family, friends, and the ones you hold dear with a stay inside one of its spacious teepee-style tents.

Elevate your camping experience in ANMON. Green fields are an obvious choice for tents, but what if the tents are built on sand? Sit down outside the tent while enjoying the company of your loved ones, take a dip in the crystal lagoon at Treasure Bay Bintan ― which is accessible by foot ―and float away on colourful floaties, a vacation in Bintan is incomplete without a stay at ANMON. You can also enjoy a movie screening at the outdoor cinema. Guests are welcome to enjoy a tent-side BBQ under the stars or join Zumba and salsation sessions conducted by an in-house instructor. You will have endless choices of activities here. Staying at The ANMON Resort Bintan t is an exclusive getaway, perfect for people who adore the concept of nature and luxury in one package!


ANMON Desert Themed Glamping Resort

ANMON provides the following offerings:

  • Bedding – Customisable bedding for up to 4 guest
  • Bathroom – Amenities with a focus on sustainability
  • Patio – Furnished for in-room dining or relaxation
  • WI-FI – High-speed internet for multiple devices
  • Digital Concierge – 24-hour access to information at your fingertips

ANMON also offers a plethora of other facilities, a social lawn, spacious lobby, pool parties, and outdoor movie screenings at The Oasis, a desert-inspired TIPI Bar with specially curated cocktails and mocktails, Mediterranean, international and local cuisine at The Compass Rose, and two event domes – to host any events you can think of! Team building and team bonding activities can also be customized by our friendly sales team!



ANMON is located at  Jln. Raja Haji KM 01 No.88 Kawasan Pariwisata, Teluk Sebong Lagoi, BintanGetting to ANMON from Singapore, board the ferry from Tanah Merah Ferry Terminal to Bandar Bentan Telani Ferry Terminal. Complimentary transfer services to ANMON are available from Bandar Bentan Telani Ferry Terminal.

2. NATRA Bintan

47 KM from Singapore



Besides The ANMON Resort Bintan – A Desert-Themed Glamping Resort, Bintan also offers Natra Bintan (previously known as The Canopi). Natra Bintan was born from the passion of reuniting nature with modern society. This resort has 100 luxurious safari tents, boasting garden or lagoon views.

Tents have canopied beds, free Wi-Fi, flat-screen TVs, sofa beds, mini refrigerators, and tea and coffee-making facilities. Some tents include an outdoor whirlpool bathtub.



You can choose between 5 categories of room types, all of which come with luxurious and comfortable furnishings for an unforgettable vacation. The Lagoon View Tent Deluxe and Glamping Deluxe Tent have their very own outdoor private jacuzzis! Perfect for some alone time away from the other guests at the resort.

Natra Bintan is located at Jln. Raya Haji KM 01 Kawasan Pariwisata, Teluk Sebong Lagoi, Bintan, Indonesia.

3. Tadom Hill Resort

283 KM from Singapore


tadom hill

Tadom Hill Resorts is architectured and built almost entirely out of bamboo materials – traditionally used by the aborigines (Orang Asli) to build their homes. Besides featuring a passion for bamboo, the range of accommodations showcases the vision to blend just the right amount of outdoor experience and the traditional living culture of the aborigines with a resort-like ambiance.

Whether you are a solo traveler, a small group of friends, a big family, or a large corporate team, whether you choose to spend a few days or pop by for a quick day trip, Tadom Hill offers a complete range of facilities and activities to cater to your getaway needs.


tadom hill

Tandom Hill located at Jalan Bukit Tadom,Kampung Labohan Dagang, Selangor Malaysia.

4. Tanah Aina Fahad Glamping Resort

343 KM from Singapore


tanah aina

In Tanah Aina Fahad Resort, you can see the gardens where local vegetables are organically grown and used in your meals. Under the forest canopy is a rich world of surprises. There are diverse beautiful plants, native wildflowers with foreign scents, and many multi-hued dragonflies, butterflies, and other insects. The sound of the water is always with you, always calming. A place that is so easy to come to, to be at, and to fall back in love — with nature, yourself, and others in your life.

Once at Tanah Aina Fahad, you will likely start to feel like a different person. You are bathed in beautiful natural sounds, the resort blends in subtly with the surrounding natural landscape, the air smells clean, the flowers sweet, the food is delicious, you forget about life at home or work, become calm, relaxed, and feel like there is no other place you need to be and nothing else that you need to do, except to take the journey of love back to nature.


tanah aina

Tanah Aina Fahad is located not far downstream from the popular Lata Jarum waterfall on the Sungai Dong River in Ulu Dong, Raub District, Pahang State, Malaysia.