Trip to Bintan from Singapore


We all could use a little break right now, especially with all the craziness that has been going on for the past few months. Since the outbreak of the virus was declared pandemic, we all are required to stay and work from home. It sure can be stressful. So, why not mellow out and take a short vacation to the nearest luxury island from your home, instead?

If you happen to live in Singapore, kudos, you are at an advantage. You can travel to many Southeast Asian countries within hours. One of which is Bintan Island which happens to be located just outside of Singapore. A trip to Bintan takes less than an hour’s ferry ride from the southern coast of Singapore. There, many adventures await!

You will never get bored vacationing in Bintan. A day trip to Bintan holds many escapades, from lounging down at the beach or having thrilling ATV rides at Bintan’s finest jungles. Furthermore, Bintan not only offers its gorgeous and exotic natural sceneries, it is also home to dozens of luxury resorts and golf fields.

How do I get to Bintan Island?


Bintan is also very accessible for tourists from Singapore. From Singapore Changi Airport, you can take a taxi or MRT service (followed by a bus transfer) to get to Tanah Merah Ferry Terminal, which will then take you to Bandar Bentan Telani (BBT) Ferry Terminal in Bintan. The high-speed catamaran ferry ride will take you to Bintan in less than 60 minutes. 

How much is ferry from singapore to bintan?


Ferry tickets can be booked online via Bintan Resort Ferries (BRF) at or bought on the spot at the ferry terminal. The ticket prices varies.

Do you need a visa to go to Bintan Island?

do you need a visa to go to bintan?

To travel to Bintan, you are responsible to obtain a visa and passport with more than 6 months validity from the date of travel. Luckily, Indonesia now issues special Short-Stay Visa-Free facilities to nationalities of up to 169 countries, including Singapore! This special-issued Visa will now allow you to have a day trip to Bintan and valid for 30 days.

Cheap and Worth It


With all the convenience and benefits Bintan offers to its visitors, one question comes to mind: Is Bintan worth a visit? Famous for its luxury resorts, Bintan trip is known to be rather expensive. Perhaps its proximity to Singapore is the reason why prices are so high and incoherent with the rest of the country. 

Accommodation-wise, hotels and activities in Bintan are quite pricey and comparable to Singapore. However, it all pays off with comfort and all the experience you will get from a Bintan trip. If you are looking for a laid-back, mellow vacationing such as spending most of your time at the hotel and occasionally leaving for a little adventure, Bintan is the place to be. 

Bintan Island offers peacefulness that you cannot get anywhere else. Bintan’s sumptuous resorts and bungalows not only offer luxury but also the experience of being so removed from the superficial world. A trip to Bintan is the perfect and divine leisure to recharge and connect with Mother Nature as well as your loved ones.

Stay At ANMON Glamping Resort


Planning a short getaway to Bintan? How about staying at its new, desert-themed glamping resort in Bintan called ANMON? The Anmon Resort Bintan is a self-contained resort with en-suite bathroom and modern comfort in a teepee, a brand new staycation experience for those craving an outdoor retreat but is not willing to risk being dirty.


The ANMON Resort Bintan is a complete package for tourists. For those who are looking for farniente vacationing, ANMON is the perfect choice! ANMON’s signature and on-site restaurant, The Compass Rose, will satisfy your appetite with its fusion Mediterranean-inspired cuisine. At night, you can dance and drink at TIPI Bar that provides a delectable selection of unique cocktails, curated by their award-winning mixologist. In short, you will never forget your stay at ANMON, a paradise-like glamping resort in Bintan Island.


Explore The Wonders Of Bintan

Treasure Bay Bintan


Indulge in the azure waters of Treasure Bay Bintan with a relaxing dip in the Crystal Lagoon, and bask in the wondrous glow of fireflies over twilight meanders through mangroves.

Safari Lagoi & Eco Farm


Stroll in the Eco Farm and learn how a wide variety of tropical crops like rice, peanuts, corn, papayas, bananas and dragon fruits are cultivated and reward yourself with a plate of “rojak”!

Ria Bintan Golf Club


Experience a magnificent view of the South China Sea with a putt or two at Ria Bintan Golf Club, and tee off in the luxurious green expanse of one of Asia’s top golfing destinations.

Gurun Pasir Busung


Get your perfect Instagram moment in the desert landscape of Gurun Pasir Busung. Dreamy sand dunes and a pristine oasis await in this sandscape reminiscent of the Arabian desert.

Danau Kawal Biru


Restore yourself with the surreal blue waters of Danau Biru, which adopted its hue from nearby mining activity. Amidst sandy shores, discover true tranquillity in this stunning retreat.

Trikora Coast

Trikora Coast

Let the worries of the world fall away, as you escape into this idyllic paradise of sand and sea. Pare away the complexities of our world, and submerge yourself into a utopia by the waves.

Video Trip To Bintan From Singapore



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With the facilities & activities available in the resort premises, ANMON is best for families with children aged 5 years old and above.


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The offer is valid only for direct bookings via our website.

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