Unwind Within Nature at the Glamping Resort



Resorts with teepee tent concepts are in trend lately. The millennials and the young at heart are attracted to this trend that offers a glamorous camping experience widely known as glamping.

Glamping is a perfect fusion where nature meets luxury. Imagine yourself spending the whole day wandering around a city and then returning ‘home’ to sleep amidst the surrounding nature. Glamping provides an authentic wilderness experience without having to sacrifice an ounce of comfort. But rest assured, with glamping, you will be accommodated with modern-day amenities and pampered with service. Go camping in style but without the dirt and the hassle.

Glamping is an extraordinary and pleasant way to connect with nature. Treat yourself by escaping superficial and frantic tourist activities and embracing the serenity of Mother Earth. It is a moment of immersing yourself in a secluded glamping tent.

Many glamping places come with teepee tents, cone-shaped tents built using a canvas covering. Teepee tents, popularly known as tipi tents, are small in weight and dirt-free, so you will have no worries about getting your hands filthy. The shape and design allow its occupants to be warm during winter and cool during summer. Modern tipis in glamping sites are equipped with lavish king or queen beds along with fully functioning en-suite bathrooms and air conditioners. They are also adorned with stunning decor. Step outside of your tipis and you can go star-gazing right away, or you can simply stargaze through the skylight panels. Sleeping in tipis gives a sense of sleeping under the stars.

So, why glamping? Travelers will get the best of both worlds: a starred hotel essential built in a peaceful outdoor setting. It is a perfect way of relaxation for outdoor enthusiasts. Waking up to the chirping birds outside the tents is not a bad way to start your day. Instead, it refreshes you up. At night, gaze at the twinkling stars and beaming moon. Rest in tranquility inside the private tents.


Bintan has a glamping resort that offers luxury and comfort

Live your precious moments with your loved ones at ANMONa desert glamping resort where you will be introduced to a nomadic life amidst the desert. ANMON offers a Bintan glamping package where you can take your family, friends, and the ones you hold dear to enjoy a stay inside one of its spacious teepee-style tents.anmon-glamping-resort-bintan

Elevate your camping experience in ANMON. Sure, green fields are an obvious choice to build a tent, but what if the tents are built on sand? Sit down outside the tent while enjoying the company of your loved ones, take a dip in the crystal lagoon at Treasure Bay Bintan ― which is accessible by foot ―, and float away on colorful floaties, a vacation in Bintan is incomplete without a stay at ANMON. You can also enjoy a movie screening at the outdoor cinema. Guests are welcome to enjoy a tent-side BBQ under the stars or join Zumba and salvation sessions conducted by an in-house instructor. You will have endless choices of activities here. Staying at The ANMON Resort Bintan is an exclusive getaway, perfect for people who adore the concept of nature and luxury in one package!