22 Things To Do in Treasure Bay Bintan during your vacation at ANMON



Are you planning to go on vacation -or a staycation- after the pandemic ends?

If you are thinking of a short resort getaway, Bintan is ready to welcome you! There are so many resorts in Bintan, catering to all. Bintan is only a one-hour ferry ride from Singapore, making it a quick and easy getaway for those seeking to recharge.

Pulling into Bintan on your ferry, you will be taken away with Bintan’s enchanting natural beauty. Bintan is also known as home to many luxurious and beautiful resorts, world-class golf courses, and thrilling adventures.

One Of The Best Resorts in Bintan Island

If you are looking for a new, unique vacation experience, you may consider ANMON, ready to welcome you with warm service and hospitality. Located strategically, only 5 minutes away from the Bintan-Singapore ferry pier, The ANMON Resort Bintan is without a doubt one of the best resorts in Bintan.

The property takes over 20,000 square metres featured with 100 deluxe teepee-style glamping tents with private bathrooms and enclosed patios, offering a new glamping experience.

best glamping resort in bintan

The ANMON Resort Bintan blends nature and adventure in its area. The resort is designed with the modern traveler in mind, with open spaces to wander about, and an enclosed patio if you’re seeking privacy. It also has a sunken lounge outdoors so visitors can make new friends and connect!

ANMON, the new desert-themed glamping resort in Bintan has its communal restaurant, The Compass Rose, which offers delicious local and Mediterranean-inspired cuisines in their breakfast, lunch, and dinner menus. Tipi Bar is also stocked with a wide selection of drinks and also offers specially curated cocktails and mocktails.

You will never get bored staying at ANMON, the best resort in Bintan as it offers a host of day and night activities. If you are into water sports, you can try out water-based activities, including Slip & Slide, Cable Tube, Wakeboarding, and Lagoon Kayaking, which allows you to paddle in the Crystal Lagoon, the largest seawater lagoon in Asia.

If you mind getting a little dirty, try out riding the ATV through the dirt trail. At night, other than winding down at the Tipi Bar, you can enjoy a film screening at the outdoor cinema. Sounds romantic? You can even enjoy a tentside BBQ under the stars, with a private BBQ chef!

The new desert-themed glamping resort ANMON is located in Treasure Bay Bintan, with plenty of activities waiting for you to enjoy! Check out the list of activities below:

Things To Do

Segway Adventure

Wheeler Personal Transportation ata best resort in bintan

Get from one place to another or zip around the Crystal Lagoon on the coolest two-wheeler ever. Whether you are an expert on the segway or it is your first time riding this two-wheeler, every participant will have to go through a quick tutorial on safety and usage provided by instructors.

ATV Off-Road Trailatv-off-road-treasure-bay

ATV riding is a fun-filled experience unlike any other. For the thrill-seeker, hop onto these all-terrain vehicles and rough it out through a private jungle trail.

Adventure Mangrove Night Tour

Adventure Mangrove Night Tour at best resort in bintan

Witness the dance of fireflies as they flit about in the almost magical setting of the mangrove forest after dark. Highly recommended for the urbanites to experience one of nature’s greatest wonders up close.

Bumper BoatBumper Boat at best resort in bintan

Most of us have played bumper cars but have you tried the activity…in a boat? Get ready for a splashing fun time in the water with a motorized bumper boat. The inflatable boat can be steered using a wheel and is equipped with a water cannon that is operated with an easy-to-use foot pump. Have a whale of a time water-tagging your friends in this super fun activity!

Chill Cove Wake ParkChill Cove Wake Park at best resort in bintan

Chill Cove Wake Park has two separate installations of System 2.0 wake park systems from Sesitec Gmbh. Participants can wakeboard, waterski, and kneeboard within the Crystal Lagoon without worrying about getting wiped out by waves like in an open sea, making it a great activity even for beginners.

Classic Car Fun RideClassic Car Fun Ride at best resort in bintan

Perfect for the family, enjoy a vintage Ford buggy ride around the Crystal Lagoon as you sit back and enjoy the sights. You may choose to alight at various points to take a walk before getting back on again.

Electric Scooterelectric-scooter-treasure-bay

Travel in style on one of these snazzy Vespas and explore Bintan Treasure Bay! These electric scooters are available for rent for a full day so that you can take your time discovering the numerous attractions around Chill Cove. For shutterbugs, these flashy electric scooters also make for a perfect prop for those Instagram-worthy holiday shots.

Inflatable Kayak

Inflatable Kayak at best resort in bintan

Ever wanted to try kayaking in a safe environment? At the Crystal Lagoon, there are single and double kayaks available for beginners who would like to give this sport a go without the influence of ocean waves and currents. It is a not-to-be-missed activity for those who are interested in trying out a new water sports activity while paddling around the lagoon.

JetovatorJetovator at best resort in bintan

One of the most exciting aerial water activities, the Jetovator is a water sports accessory that redirects water thrust to propel and elevate riders into mid-air. Fight your fear of heights and enjoy the experience of jetting above the waters!

Mangrove Kayaking Tour

mangrove kayaking tour bintan

Together with our experienced guides, paddle along the coast and enter the lush mangrove forests of Bintan. Appreciate the wonders of nature against a backdrop of endless greenery and learn about the amazing works of Earth’s ecology. With eco-friendly kayaks, dewy fresh air, and a forest teeming with exotic wildlife, this kayaking tour is sure to rekindle your connection to nature.

Mangrove Pontoon Cruise

Mangrove Pontoon Cruise at best resort in bintan

Explore enchanting mangrove forests on a relaxing pontoon cruise. Take snapshots of the thriving flora and fauna of the forest as you gently float along the meandering forest and bask in the tranquillity of nature.

Mini Electric ATV

Mini Electric ATV at best resort in bintan

Ignite the spark of adventure in your kids and let them hop onto a mini electric ATV to experience the thrill of riding their own ATV along the Crystal Lagoon.


jetski bintan

Jet skiing is one of the most thrilling and popular activities that Bintan Treasure Bay has to offer. We recommend this activity for those who love the adrenaline rush of a high-speed sport and for those who would love to try a new activity.

Rodeo BullRodeo Bull at best resort in bintan

Calling out to all the cowboys or cowgirls of Chill Cove, here is your chance to show your bravery through the tradition of bull riding. Fun yet challenging, it takes more than just luck to stay on top. Start honing your skills now to be Chill Cove’s top bull rider!

Slip & SlideSlide at best resort in bintan

Feel the thrill of sliding down a giant slide and plunging into the clear blue waters of the Crystal Lagoon! With an imposing height of 7.5 meters, this is not for the faint of heart. However, there are smaller slides for those with a fear of heights.

Stand-Up PaddleStand-Up Paddle at best resort in Bintan

Stand-up paddling is a safe water activity suitable for people of all ages. If you’re new to stand-up paddling, you’ll be introduced to the skills you need to enjoy the experience by certified instructors. The instructors will walk you through techniques and tips on how to keep your balance so that by the end of the crash course, you should be able to paddle without much assistance. Each board can hold up to two people at a time and this is one of the best ways to enjoy the sights around the Crystal Lagoon.

UTV Off-Road Trail (2-seater)UTV Off-Road Trail (2-seater)

Take a ride on the wild side! For a full outdoor, off-road experience through the jungles of Bintan Island, ride on a UTV and crash through muddy trails for an adrenaline-pumping activity.

Water Sports Park at Best Resort In BintanWater Sports Park at best resort in bintan

Spanning an area of 40 meters by 30 meters, the inflatable structure of this attraction holds up to 40 people at any one time and serves as an obstacle course for sporting events, corporate team-building, or just a place for everyone, including kids, to hang out and some guaranteed splashing fun.

Water TricycleWater Tricycle at best resort in bintan

Great for children and adults, the water tricycle is the perfect water activity for families to explore Crystal Lagoon leisurely.

Water ZOVBWater ZOVB at best resort inbintan

Ever wanted to try walking on water? Get inside one of these inflatable water-walking ZOVB balls for a unique experience at the lagoon!

Wishing Sky LanternWishing Sky Lantern at best resort in bintan

Pen down your wishes and dreams on a sky lantern and release it to the heavens. Watch hundreds of other lanterns fill the sky for a breath-taking spectacle and let your worries float away along with your lantern in this therapeutic activity.

Bon FireBonFire at best resot in bintan

Planning a family gathering or a corporate team-building retreat? Organize a bonfire and connect over shared stories by the glow of the fire or strum the guitar and sing along to evergreen campfire songs.

Aside from chilling by the pool and relaxing in your teepee tents at The ANMON Resort Bintan, there are lots to do in the area with activities catered to both thrill-seekers and those looking for more leisurely pastimes. To place your booking for any of the activities, visit the Bintan Treasure Bay website.

Recharged and Relaxed

anmon resort bintan


ANMON, being the best resort in Bintan, offers endless pleasure for those who seek both leisure and adventure. Imagine yourself spending the whole day around the area, enjoying the activities and creating happy memories.

When the night calls, embrace the serenity of Mother Earth while also indulging yourself in the comfort of ANMON’s spacious teepee-style tents.

Each tent is accommodated with sustainable amenities combined with warm hospitality service. Free wifi is available in all areas so you won’t need to purchase a new SIM card to visit ANMON. A digital concierge service will provide 24-hour access to information and booking requests for accommodation and activities around ANMON.

The ANMON Resort Bintan will provide you with a sense of tranquility and peace during your stay. Be prepared to go home with a recharged and relaxed state of mind!