Travel Guides During Pandemic



It is undeniable that the effects of the Covid-19 pandemic hit almost all aspects of human lives. The people are urged to stay at home as long as possible at all times unless there are necessary things to be done outside. With the implementation of social distancing rules, people are required to even work from home to prevent the spread of the coronavirus.


One of the hardest-hit sectors in the world, including Indonesia, is tourism. Many tourism sites have been forced to close by government regulations to reduce the spread of the Covid-19 virus. This makes traveling an impossible thing to do because it is feared that it will increase the number of cases and death rates due to this deadly virus.

Luckily, the Indonesian government is now starting to impose more lenient rules for its citizens to do their daily activities. The door of tourism started to reopen. Some tourist destinations have begun to open up their businesses but with the necessity to still adhere to health protocols. This way, people are beginning to take vacations.

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Traveling is fun. Traveling gets rid of boredom for having stayed at home for four months. Besides, traveling can also refresh the mind and make us more physically and mentally healthy. However, traveling in the middle of a pandemic also has a high risk. So, how do you travel in the middle of a pandemic? Here’s a little guide for you.

Start From You

First of all, you must consider several things before deciding to travel to ensure the safety and health of yourself and others.

You are advised not to travel when:

1. Has been experiencing the symptoms of coronavirus

2. In the middle of self-isolation because has been tested Covid-19 positive or has made contact with someone who is infected

3. Has poor health conditions

If you belong to one of them, you are advised not to travel because it can endanger yourself and others around you.

Obey Health Protocols

WHO has established several health protocols to ensure safety and health during a pandemic, such as:

1. Always wear a mask

2. Wash your hands regularly

3. Don’t touch your face face with your hands when outside

4. Close your mouth using your elbow when coughing or sneezing

5. Avoid touching items in public places

Keep Your Distance From Others

Because this virus is easy to spread, you should continue to keep your distance (at least 2 meters) from other people while traveling. Avoid physical contact with people you don’t know so you can avoid the Covid-19 virus.

Always Use Your Items

It is highly recommended that you use private transportation to the destination you are heading to reduce contact with many people while you are traveling. This also applies to other personal items that you carry while traveling, such as clothes, cell phones, bags, and so on. This is to ensure that you don’t have to touch other people’s belongings while traveling.

Be Careful in Choosing Your Hotels

In the middle of a pandemic like today, you need to pick the best tourist attractions or hotels. Choose hotels and tourist attractions that implement health protocols in their area. You can check whether the hotel you are staying in has health protocols through social media or by calling.


The ANMON Resort Bintan always prioritizes its guests’ safety and health. ANMON implements all COVID-19 measures to ensure their guests are safe and healthy during their stay in ANMON.

Your temperature will be taken regularly throughout your stay. To avoid any physical contact, ANMON advises their team and guests not to shake hands and to always practice social distancing. ANMON provides antiseptic dispensers all around ANMON. All ANMON team members will be wearing face masks at all times, as well as face shields and gloves.

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All areas in ANMON are cleaned thoroughly with high-grade disinfectant, particularly in high-frequency checkpoints. ANMON also recommends cashless payments to minimize contact. To prevent huge crowd gatherings, buffet breakfast operations will be suspended and breakfast will be delivered to your teepees.