Simple Yet Useful Skills to Pick Up During Quarantine



How are you holding up during quarantine?

Since the outbreak of Covid-19 or Coronavirus declared a pandemic in mid March 2020, people have been practicing social distancing by staying at home to help flatten the curve. Well, days can get long, even when you are ought to work at home during this confusing time.

With the extra amount of free time in your daily schedule, why not dive into some new hobbies to pass the time? A simple change of habit can turn restrictions into pleasure. Here are some simple hobbies we have rounded up for you to pick up during quarantine.

Seasoned Chef

upgrade cooking skill when quarantine

Cooking is a useful lifelong skill to hone during this time. Since you get plenty of free time at this time of crisis, why not make the best out of it by trying out those homemade cooking recipes you’ve been pinning on your Pinterest account? Start with something simple, such as making a Bolognese pasta. This is such a great substitute and much more affordable than eating takeout or ordering food online. And since you cook your own food, trust me, you will find new appreciation of your food and stop creating food waste.

Super Green Thumb

gardening at home when quarantine

If you are lucky enough to have a patch of green space to grow your own garden, perhaps this is the right time to start honing your green thumb. One Google or Youtube search away will give you plenty of information on what plants thrive in your area, how to tend and keep your plants healthy, as well as knowing when to harvest your organic produce. Gardening is a fulfilling and relaxing hobby. When your garden starts to bloom, you will be satisfied that your hard work pays off.

Creative Visionary


There are endless ways to express your emotions, one of them is dipping your toes into creating a masterpiece work of art. Whether immersing yourself in music, writing poems or fictions, capture the essence of feelings and turn it into a painting. Luckily, in this day and age, you will not have to spend so much money on buying actual instruments or canvas or paper as everything can now be virtualized. Not only does it make you creative, it is also a healthy way to release emotions.

Be More Active

yoga when quarantine

Whether it’s a slow practice like yoga or hardcore workout, take advantage of this extra time by getting yourself to move. Thanks to Youtube or Instagram videos, now you can exercise your body by joining streaming sessions with instructors. You will improve your health and flexibility, which of course will ultimately make you happier.

Squeaky Clean


This last one may not be a hobby, but a necessity. Since you have plenty of free time, there are no more excuses in deep cleaning your entire home. Even if your place seemingly looks clean and tidy,  there must be certain corners that often get overlooked. This is the time to make sure that every nook and cranny in your house is swept from the dust. Sure, it’s exhausting, but you sure will thank yourself later once your house is sparkling clean.

Doing nothing at home can be stressful, but you are in charge of your own happiness. Navigate this newfound free time by picking up a useful hobby that fits your taste and passion. If you are not completely over those frustrations of staying at home, these hobbies will give you a new and positive outlook in enjoying life.