Corporate Retreat Venue Near Singapore



Every once in a while, employees in a company also need some downtime to unwind and relax so they won’t burn out. That is when a corporate retreat takes place. For a lot of employees, corporate retreats can be dreadful. However, it also can be a surprisingly efficient motivator for companies to bond with each other. Well, it doesn’t sound that bad, right?

But, consider this scenario: taking your employees to a different environment with no interruptions, even work. Corporate retreats can be used as an opportunity to bring all employees together and open up the channel of communication. A successful corporate retreat can inspire employees to build trusting relationships, so when they are back in the office next week, not only will they feel refreshed but they might also come up with inside jokes.

Step one of planning the perfect corporate retreat is picking the ideal venue. It doesn’t have to be extravagant but you need to make sure that the venue you pick can accommodate the number of people who will be attending. A little tip: you can involve your employees in the process of picking the venue. For example, you can choose two or three venues and let your employees pick the final choice.

Have you been thinking of organizing a corporate retreat? Are you in trouble for picking the right and ideal venue to hold your corporate retreat? Luckily, there are numerous corporate retreat venues near Singapore. One of them is The ANMON Resort Bintan, whose facilities have been specially designed to create a one-of-a-kind experience.

event domes

This glamping-themed resort is the perfect place for you to hold an exciting yet meaningful corporate retreat, both for the benefit of your company and the well-being of your employees. Whether you are brainstorming for a new business strategy, negotiating a partnership, or just for the sake of building a cohesive, ANMON is the place to be!


Anyway, a Bintan corporate retreat can never go wrong. ANMON, the perfect company retreat location near Singapore, is equipped with two event domes that are specifically preserved to create the incredible moments you’ve always wanted with your loved ones.


All facilities at ANMON are the absolute dream to hold a Singapore corporate retreat. Other than the event domes, your employees will stay in ANMON’s spacious teepee tents. What is better than spending the day connecting with your office colleagues and ending it in the most comfortable hotel bedrooms? Well, the teepees are furnished with a private en-suite bathroom and a luxurious enclosed patio.


Guests will be spoiled with the highest standard of quality service. Your company can feast at ANMON’s signature onsite restaurant, The Compass Rose, which serves local and fusion Mediterranean-inspired cuisine. Fancy a little part at night? Head over to the TIPI Bar. This lavish and open bar features a delectable selection of unique cocktails curated by their award-winning mixologist. This experience will be the greatest Singapore corporate retreat ever!

tipi bar anmon

The journey to the land of ANMON only takes an hour’s ferry ride from Singapore. Once your company arrives at ANMON, they will be greeted by wind blowing gently and clear white sands, as if they are taken to a magical desert. Other than going for the corporate retreat, your employees can also enjoy many activities in ANMON, such as watching outdoor cinema at night or going on adventures at Treasure Bay Bintan. Your choice!