A Burst of Flavour in Every Bite at The Compass Rose Restaurant



While traveling, many enjoy the thrill of tasting and exploring local cuisines outside the comfort of their hotel or resort. What if you can savor both local delicacies as well as international Western and Mediterranean cuisine, at the very same resort you are staying in? Sounds like a treat for your taste buds? It is possible at The ANMON Resort Bintan!


breakfast at anmon resort in bintan

During your stay at ANMON, feed your hunger at The Compass Rose! Here you can commune and convene with like-minded spirits while indulging in the most delicious food in Bintan. Adorned in a somewhat homey setting, The Compass Rose offers a range of menus for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.  There are various local and international dishes to whet your appetite.



Combining responsibly sourced ingredients and a thoughtfully crafted menu, The Compass Rose offers only the best home-away-from-home quality dishes. Even if it’s your first time here, you will feel like a regular with the warm and friendly service. The Compass Rose pays homage to the communities of Bintan in their ‘ANMON Catch of the Day’, a grilled catch fish of the day served with a choice of steamed rice or shoestring fries, side salad, and homemade sauce.

Feeling a little fancier? The Compass Rose does not only offer local Indonesian cuisine. Try one of their signature Mediterranean dishes, the delicious ‘Lamb Shakshuka’ that guarantees to make you ask for more! It is a grilled lamb chop, served with homemade tomato and cilantro sauce. Also, try the ‘Squid Shawarma’, barbecued squid skewers marinated in shawarma spices and chicken oil. Squid Shawarma is best accompanied by a side of yogurt. Yum!


dinner mezze anmon glamping resort

Dining at The Compass Rose gives you an authentic sensation of flavors and techniques with an approach that makes timeworn classics taste both familiar and fresh. The classic Turkish Eggplant ‘Imam Bayaldi’ will reward you with a beautiful dish of saucy tomato and tender eggplants, added with the perfect amount of spice, yogurt, and pine nuts. This dish is best enjoyed with homemade bread by ANMON’s in-house pastry chef!

For guests with children, The Compass Rose also offers a variety of familiar kid-friendly dishes such as ‘Junior Burger’, which is a juicy mini beef burger served with a pickle and shoestring fries, and ‘Junior Bolognese’, a classic Italian pasta furnished with tomato minced beef and parmesan cheese. Kids will have a pleasant time dining in this restaurant.


fried cauliflower almond anmon resort in bintan

The kitchen team at The Compass Rose is helmed by Executive Chef Singgih, who has trained in international kitchens around the world. The food plating and presentation also will not disappoint.

Even if you are staying at other resorts during your time in Bintan, do drop by ANMON to check out what The Compass Rose has to offer! The Compass Rose is open daily from 12 pm – 10 pm.