The Growing Trend of Instagrammable Tourist Spots

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According to a research, 70 percent of the posted pictures on Instagram are travel-related. Now, imagine if you’re scrolling down your feed during the holiday season, whether it’s summer or winter, it’s probably even more packed. Right now, you are probably used to seeing the clear turquoise waters, white sand beaches, or shady mountains on your Instagram feeds.

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These pictures of nature scenery evoke a twinge of jealousy when seeing them. But when you are the one who posted them, you will soon feel a tangible sense of self-fulfilment. This growing behavioural trend invited us, as users, to find the most Instagrammable travel destination and tourist spots while travelling, simply to show off what we see during our travels and share them to our followers.

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Instagram now has become a crucial travel companion that travelers share their experiences with. It is constantly used to update your followers about the places you go to, where you eat, what you see. So, it is no wonder why travel-related content is the most shared content on the platform.

How do you decide or pick the place you want to go for your next travels? Well, according to a study, 40 percent millennials (as the most influential group on the platform) choose a travel spot based on its Instagrammability. Instagram becomes the top factor above others, such as personal development or opportunities for sightseeing.

So, why is Instagram so important in travelling?

First, Instagram is changing what people deem as pretty. Instagram is the platform for sharing visual content, that is why, the general users lean towards the photos being aesthetically pleasing. Creating a curated Instagram feed for your Instagram handle not only shares your experiences to your followers, it also highlights some moments of your life and creates a virtual presence among your peers. 

For others, attention generated from likes is also desirable by some users. When others see the Instagrammable destination posted by acquaintances or what we call as “Instagram influencers”, we are immediately attracted towards the post, thus putting it on our next holiday spots. This is why Instagram plays an important role in decision-making before travelling.

It also appears that nature sceneries are not the only Instagrammable places we search for on the platform. Other important places such as restaurants, hotels, resorts, etc also become considerations before travelling to a particular city or country. Especially with the rising trend of staycation. People are starting to look for Instagrammable hotels or resorts so they can get aesthetic pictures without actually having to leave where they stay.

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If you are planning to go on a vacation or staycation and looking for an Instagrammable resort to stay, ANMON is the perfect place to satisfy your Instagram needs! The ANMON Resort Bintan offers a dreamy holiday experience that you’ve never felt before.

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The ANMON Resort Bintan is a desert-inspired glamping resort located in Bintan Island. The whole area is breath-taking, filled with clean and towering teepee-style tents. When you stay in Bintan during your travels, you will feel as if you are being transported to an exotic desert where the sand meets the sea. A perfect holiday experience for you and your loved ones. 

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Inside the spacious teepee, you will find yourself in a soft, white interior design room with well-put furnishings. Rushing to its aesthetic bathroom decorated with wood and unfinished-looking drywalls, you will feel as if you shower in the middle of a peaceful forest. The teepee alone offers optimal Instagrammability for their guests. You actually won’t have to go outside to take some aesthetic snaps for your Instagram feed.

Overall, the whole area in ANMON is specifically designed to meet Instagram needs for millennials. Don’t forget to bring your camera when staying in ANMON. You’ll go home with a bunch of beautiful pictures ready to be posted on your Instagram.



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