Nature Attractions to Visit in Bintan (Near Singapore)

nature attractions in bintan

Bintan is not only about exotic beaches and high-end resorts or world-class golf courses, but there are more breathtaking natural sights all over the island worth exploring. Bintan, that’s only about one hour ferry ride away from Singapore, really is a one-stop-for-all tourist destination. No wonder why contractors choose this island to build resorts. It truly is a paradise on Earth.

If you prefer mountains over beaches, for example, here in this article we have five must-see nature attractions to visit in Bintan. What good anyway if you spend an entire weekend simply lounging by the beach? 

Gurun Pasir Busung

gurun pasir busung

Even though it seems impossible to find a desert in Indonesia’s tropical island, Bintan once again mesmerise us with its charming and unexpected beauty. Visiting Gurun Pasir Busung, hilly sand dunes located at Jalan Raya Busung near Tanjung Uban will make your jaw drop. 

It exudes mysterious and picturesque vibes that will make feel as if you are in the middle of the Arabian nights. The sand dunes are a dreamy insta-worthy spot but the area somehow still remains untouched and charming. Bring your camera to Gurun Pasir Busung and immortalise your moment with loved ones. 



Mount Bintan

mount bintan

Mount Bintan is arguably one of the most intriguing hidden treasures of the island. The mountain is 340 meters high. Hiking Mount Bintan is relatively easy as it has a well-marked trail that is readily accessible. It’s a great place to try out mountain climbing if you're looking for an adrenaline rush. 

While hiking Mount Bintan, you will find yourself surrounded by a beautiful rainforest. You might spot some wild rare animals along the way such as monkeys, deers, tropical birds, and so on. There are also many seasonal tropical fruits you can find in the wild. 



Danau Biru Kawal

danau kawal biru bintan

Even though Bintan is full of crystal blue seawater, visiting Danau Biru will take your breath away. The lake has surreal blue waters that’s surrounded by white sandy dunes. The colour contrast is already mesmerising and stunning. 

Even though Danau Biru might seem like a natural oasis, you may be surprised to learn that it was in fact created as a result of mining activity in the region. It was once just a large crater in an abandoned mining site that’s filled with rainwater overtime. The area is quite secluded so you might find it peaceful coming here. 



Bintan’s Mangrove Forests

bintan mangrove

Bintan Mangrove is located at Sebong River, Lagoi. Embark on a back-to-nature adventure as you sway along the thick mangrove forests. Witness Bintan’s lush nature and vibrant green rainforest firsthand. 

The river is home to a wide variety of indigenous flora and fauna as well as wildlife such as snakes, monkeys, kingfishers, and even otters. For an extraordinary experience, journey the forests at night as it feels more serene and peaceful and you get to see the water sparkles under the pale moonlight. 



The Banyan Tree Temple

bayan tree temple

Prepare to be shocked when visiting The Banyan Tree Temple. It is a temple wrapped by the roots and branches of a massive Banyan tree that is said to be around 200 years old. There are many stories concerning the origins of the site that became the magnet for many visitors today.

It is located at Senggarang Village and now serves as a village shrine. Witness the power of Mother Nature at The Banyan Tree Temple that now makes an appealing photography subject.



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stay at anmon resort bintan

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outdoor cinema bintan




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