Going on a Culinary Trip to Bintan? Make Sure You Visit These Restaurants!

culinary trip on bintan

Culinary tourism has increased significantly in Indonesia. Restaurant and small business owners are starting to adapt to this trend by creating innovative dishes combined with engaging restaurant ambience. Indonesia, from Sabang to Merauke, is rich in culture and each region has its own special culinary dishes, including Bintan.

Bintan is not only home to magnificent, exotic beaches and high-end resorts, but also has various culinary dishes that will ignite your appetite. The island’s history and significance as a tourist destination leads to the creation of a vibrant food scene, ranging from seafood dishes to casual Indonesian cuisines. 

Here we have several restaurant recommendations for if you are planning to take a culinary trip to Bintan.

Kelong Seafood Restaurant

kelong seafood restaurant

Having a vacation to Bintan will be full of trying out various seafood dishes. And where else to eat all seafood other than at Kelong Seafood Restaurant?

The floating restaurant is named after the local fishermen’s stilt houses typical to the Riau Archipelago. It serves a fine combination of Chinese and Indonesian style dishes and lets you enjoy fresh selections of seafood caught fresh from the local waters. One of the must-try on the menu is Bintan’s famous gonggong (sea snail). 

Offering a stunning sea view and ocean breeze, this restaurant is perfect for a romantic dinner with your significant other. 

Pujasera Food Centre

pujasera food center lagoi

This is a local food centre located only about a 10-minute drive from the main ferry terminal. Here, you will find authentic local and Indonesia dishes that are both delicious and unbelievably cheap! There are a variety of dishes to choose, but our favourite is the nasi padang from Lamak Basamo stall!

Planning on having a feast with friends? You all can enjoy their Mie Goreng or Nasi Campur that are loaded with tempe, veggies and rendang. You’ll go home with a full belly without putting a dent in your wallet. 

Warung Yeah!

warung yeah

Warung Yeah! is located near Plaza Lagoi and Lagoi Beach. It offers classic Indonesian comfort food, such as the famous nasi goreng (fried rice) and the country’s legendary instant noodle, Indomie. Warung Yeah! is the place where tourists go to hang out after spending the day at Lagoi Beach.

Try their signature Ayam Bakar (grilled chicken) or Tahu Telor, an Indonesian tofu egg omelette. To satisfy your thirst after laying on the beach under the shining sun, try their special Bintan Coco, a refreshing drink that comprises coconut water, creamy slices of coconut flesh, basil seeds and lots of brown sugar syrup. 

Casa Italia Pizzeria

pizza casa italia

This place is run by an Italian family that fell in love with the exotic charm of Bintan. They serve authentic Italian pizza dining experiences to their guests. The best thing about the pizza at Casa Italia Pizzeria is they are all served upon order so they are guaranteed to be fresh and hot and delicious to eat!

Not only that the pizza is authentic, it’s also very cheap! Each pizza only costs around $6 or around Rp88,000. You can choose the toppings from the large variety of flavours, including sausage, chicken, corn, and mushroom. 

The Compass Rose

the compass rose resataurant bintan

Your culinary trip in Bintan will not be complete without at least visiting The Compass Rose. Located inside Bintan’s most famous glamping resort, The ANMON Resort Bintan, The Compass Rose serves a feast of local and fusion Mediterranean-inspired cuisine. 

compass rose restaurant

All food at The Compass Rose is curated by experienced chefs so it’s no wonder why they are very tasteful. The place offers a warm yet exclusive ambience, perfect for those who yearn for intimacy dining experience with their loved ones. When visiting Bintan, make sure to visit The Compass Rose. It’s a sacred place to gather with friends, family, or colleagues. Worth it!

compass rose restaurant

Here are some restaurant recommendations for you if you are having a hard time picking a place to eat. Combined with Bintan’s fresh beachy air and warm sun, you will be having the time of your life eating here. 



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