Enjoying a Resort in Bintan and Getting Special Bintan Souvenirs



As one of the best resorts in Bintan, The ANMON Resort Bintan is a desert-themed glamping retreat that will take you away from the mundanities of real life into a desert adventure like no other. Think air-conditioned teepee-style tents, high-speed wi-fi, convenient digital concierge services, tranquil restaurants, water sports and so much more. With contemporary amenities and a full constellation of activities to take part in, the resort is truly a restful yet invigorating getaway for the adventure-seeker.

When all that has been said and done, we invite travellers to take home with them a piece of Bintan as a memento so that they may reminisce upon the wonderful moments they had at The ANMON Resort Bintan, that is, until their next visit with us.

5 Unique Bintan Gifts to Bring Home

In general, there are two variations of tourist souvenirs: those in the form of consumables like food and snacks, and those that are in the form of collectables like postcards, clothes, keychains, hats…the list goes on. While Bintan is known for their fresh and juicy tropical fruits, it is best to avoid bringing them home as these are perishable items that may spoil while in transit. It is best to opt for non-perishable local delicacies that have a longer shelf life and don’t require refrigeration.

Read on — we have compiled a list of items that you may consider purchasing for your loved ones or taking home with you as remembrance for a wondrous time at The ANMON Resort Bintan.

1. Kerupuk Siput Gong Gong (Sea Snail Crackers)

If you, or someone you know likes snail-based foods, then Kerupuk Siput Gong Gong might be a good choice. These crackers are easily found in every corner of Bintan from roadside stalls to souvenir shops. For guests at The ANMON Resort Bintan, our concierge team is able to arrange for transport services where we take you to gift shops outside of our resort to go souvenir shopping. With their visually-striking shapes and prominent labels, the Kerupuk Siput Gong Gong will be hard to miss!

Perfect as a snack on its own, these crackers also go really well with warm white rice, a favourite pairing amongst locals in Indonesia.

2. Hawaiian Coffee

In spite of its name, Hawaiian coffee has no connection with the Island of Hawaii in the United States of America. The origin of the name came from the head of a sub-district who used to serve in the area where the first coffee shop opened.

Highly prized for its full-bodied flavour and heavenly aroma, Hawaiian coffee is brewed from selected coffee beans with a blend that has been preserved from generation to generation. These coffee grounds are typically packed in environmentally-friendly packaging and may be purchased at affordable prices around the island. Having possess a flavour and an aroma that are unique to these coffee grounds, Hawaiian coffee will undoubtedly make for a wonderful souvenir.

3. Ikan Bilis Gulung (Rolled Anchovies)

In the past, Ikan Bilis Gulung used to only be served at religious events. However, these days, it is a popular snack among the locals on Bintan Island and is commonly eaten as an everyday titbit.

This deep-fried roll that is about a finger’s length may look unassuming to the uninitiated, but the snack hides an ikan bilis cocooned within the crunchy outer pastry, giving rise to an addictive savoury snack that would be difficult for anyone to stop at just one piece.

Given its popularity, Ikan Bilis Gulung can be found at every souvenir store on Bintan Island so you never have to fret about not being able to get your hands on this yummy snack. For guests who are looking to venture out of The ANMON Resort Bintan for a day of souvenir shopping, approach our concierge team to arrange for day tour services. A pack of these can remain crisp for several months so we highly recommend stocking up on multiple packets to last you until your next visit to our sunny island.

4. Kerang Bulu (Ark Clams)

Resorts in Bintan are committed to serving exclusive dishes to provide the best experience for tourists and visitors. From black pepper crab and butter prawns to gong gong and sea bass, seafood establishments on Bintan Island pride themselves with a variety of fresh seafood to delight their patrons. Of some of the most popular clam dishes on Bintain Island, the Kerang Bulu tops the list. The Kerang Bulu belongs to a family of shellfish that is similar to mussels and is known for its sweet flesh. It can be cooked in a multitude of ways and with an assortment of sauces, making this shellfish a versatile dish that is enjoyed by most.

Found in the Indo-Pacific region, Kerang Bulu is caught fresh by local fishermen and transported carefully to fish markets where they are sold. Even though they are most delicious when cooked and eaten fresh, processed Kerang Bulu are also available and would be great as souvenirs.

5. Kuih Batang Buruk (Crispy Sweet Spring Roll)

Many would recognise Kuih Batang Buruk as a specialty food of Bintan Regency. The reason being that during religious holidays such as Idul Fitri, this sweet treat is gifted to loved ones and can be found in the homes of family and neighbours during visits.

For those who are unfamiliar with this traditional cake, “batang” means “stick” in Indonesian while “buruk” means “ugly”. Combined together, the name of this snack roughly translates to “ugly stick cake”. With a name that sounds strange yet interesting, this unique snack is a curious mixture of sugar, milk and green bean powder that is fried to a crispy perfection and coated with green bean powder. The end result is a sweet-savoury blend that would delight your taste buds.host event at anmon

There you have it — five souvenirs to get from Bintan during your stay with us at The ANMON Resort Bintan. Whether you are thinking of bringing them home with you as a memento or as a gift for loved ones, we hope this list has been helpful for you in picking a souvenir.