Resort in Bintan Prioritizes Ecology and Sustainable Development

Resort in Bintan Prioritizes Ecology and Sustainable Development

Before deciding to choose on a vacation spot, it's good to pay attention to whether the area prioritizes ecology or not. Through sustainable development, areas that care about ecology such as the resort in Bintan which is popularly known as The Anmon Resort. This place also offers teepee tents or glamping resorts so that visitors can still enjoy the atmosphere of the Bintan environment that tends to be maintained naturally.

Geographically, The Anmon in Serpong Lagoi Bay also allows tourists to observe Bintan ecology in detail by through other islands inside the Bintan Regency cluster. Since the majority of the islands are not touched by settlements, it leave behind its beautiful forests. In fact, there are rare flora and fauna species that becomes an attraction.

Resort in Bintan Ensures Ecology is Maintained Through Sustainable Development

Did you know that with sustainable development, people in the future will be able to enjoy the natural potential of Bintan Regency like today without reducing environmental values or even destroying certain potentials. Thus, The Anmon Resort becomes a priority to spend meaningful holidays while maintaining the ecology of Bintan through a pleasant holiday.

Put it simply, sustainable development is a development activity to meet the needs of the present without sacrificing the needs of future generations. In its activities, the Anmon prioritizes ecology, such as processing waste from resort professionally, introducing tourism potential to raise awareness, and supporting conservation activities. Regarding ecology as the main support aspect for tourism on Bintan Island.

1. Bintan Island is Rich in Flora and Fauna

It seems that the main factor causing glamping resorts to become increasingly popular on Bintan Island is the environment. This island has a high biodiversity of flora so that the dominant vegetation is arranged to spoil the sight. Thus, it is as if you are camping in the wild, but still get comfortable facilities through the exclusive services of The Anmon.

Apart from flora, Bintan also has endemic fauna, such as birds, mammals, reptiles, and amphibians. The majority of these fauna are protected by law so you cannot hunt them or trade them. However, it doesn't matter if you want to see these faunas with your own eyes while capturing the moment through the camera.
Unfortunately, the flora and fauna of Bintan Island tend to be under-explored and thus require special government attention. In fact, various studies on flora and fauna can be used to support the tourism sector, such as an inventory of 40 bird species in Bintan Forest by the Banyan Tree Lagoi Conservation Lab. Then, Bintan can develop into an ecotourism area.

2. Dugong Incarnates as a Tourism Icon of Bintan Regency

Resorts in Bintan not only offer mainland tourism potential, but also pamper visitors through the marine potential around the site. This is evident through the tourism icon of Bintan Regency which comes from aquatic fauna, the dugong which has the Latin name Dugong dugong. This fauna has also become part of the local community.
Unfortunately, dugong is classified as an endangered fauna, which encourages the government, local communities, resort managers, and visitors to raise awareness of the ecology in Bintan. Many parties also work hand in hand to preserve dugong in the present, since dugongs are considered endangered fauna. Then, The Anmon Resort is committed to maintain sustainable management.

Not only they are threatened due to habitat destruction, but dugongs are also threatened by human activities, especially fishermen who often use nets to catch fish. As a cause, a dugong who is accidentally trapped has a great risk of death. In general, dugongs have a habitat in shallow water that is in seagrass beds to find food.

3. Ecology Supports the Development of Marine Tourism

Consciously or not, without supporting ecology, Bintan is unable to develop marine tourism to attract local or foreign tourists. In fact, the Riau Islands, of which Bintan is one of the constituent islands, accounts for the third largest number of foreign tourists in Indonesia, where the main attraction is marine tourism.

This main cause is 96 percent of the area in the Riau Islands is sea. Thus, people can find various beaches and underwater tourism in Bintan Regency which are quite popular. For example, the Lagoi tourist area as the location of The Anmon, Trikora Beach tours, White Sand Island, and others. You just need to set a plan.

However, without the supporting ecology, these places might not look as what they are, but appear to have less value if they were damaged. Therefore, various parties began to flock to pay attention to the ecosystem, including preventing pollution to maintain the ecological quality of Bintan Island. The aim is to increase the visit of local or foreign tourists.

4. Unique Traditions Supported by Ecology

Resort in Bintan is also a major stopover to enjoy the beauty of the island in western Indonesia. It is as if The Anmon Resort is able to inject positive energy through its glamping resort ambiance, where you may be interested in observing Bintan's unique ecological traditions. For example, sea tribes are nomadic and dependent on nature.
Unfortunately, only a few lucky tourists can observe the traditions of the marine tribes on Bintan Island. The reason is, this tribe continues to migrate without being influenced by modernity to settle down. Therefore, the sea tribe got the nickname as canoe people. In fact, it is often difficult for the government in the Riau Islands to consensus the tribe.

In addition, there is also a manungkah tradition that relies on ecology. This tradition is located in Gisi Village, Bintan Regency. According to the story of an elder in Kampung Gisi, the manungkah tradition is the habit of looking for shells using wooden boards or popularly known as mudflats surfing. Without a supporting ecology, people cannot find shells at low tide.

5. Treasure in Pejantan Island

Bintan Regency does not only consist of Bintan Island, but also other islands that surrounds it. Therefore, there is no harm in taking a little walk leaving the glamping resort to surround Pejantan Island according to the procedure. Then, head back to enjoy The Anmon's exclusive perks. The reason is, Pejantan Island also offers great tourism potential.

This is not without reason, because in 2017, the Indonesian Ministry of Environment and the Institute of Critical Zoologist announced that there were 350 new species of flora and fauna on Pejantan Island. Of the 350 species, there are at least 40 species that have not been identified. Thus, the island is considered suitable as a popular tourist location.

Based on the research of the Institute of Critical Zoologist, Pejantan Island has the potential for nature tourism, diving or diving tours, cave tours, wall climbing tours, forest tracing tours, and turtle conservation tours. However, to realize this, the government needs strict rules to protect the ecology, especially endemic flora and fauna.


So, preserving the ecology in Bintan becames a priority for The Anmon Resort, one of which is by initiating back-to-nature tourism through glamping resorts. Regarding sustainable tourism is an important aspect to attract the attention of local or foreign tourists to take vacation in resorts in Bintan. Very interesting, right?



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