Instagrammable Resort Near Singapore

Instagrammable Resort near singapore


These days, one of the most important factors for people in picking a place to travel or visit is ‘Instagrammability’. The word itself sounds totally made up, but Instagram has really shaped the way people —especially millennials—travel, being one of the most necessary elements while planning their travels. People are now relying on Instagram to get inspiration so once they visit the place, they know from which angle their pictures should be taken.

Instagrammability relies heavily on the aesthetics, basically anything that looks good on the camera. And now, many resorts have picked up on the trend and as a result, there is a new wave of ‘Insta-friendly’ resorts all around the world. While ‘Instagrammable’ means different things to different people, one thing to be certain, the resort must be aesthetically pleasing on pictures so the visitors can later show off their travel photos on their Instagram accounts.

The resort owners use this trend to leverage and promote their resorts to a wider audience. Social media presence is no joke, after all. In this era where everything is digitalized, it is not difficult to curate one’s Instagram feed according to the taste of its targeted-customers that appeal to their sense of aesthetics.

In Indonesia, one of the most ‘Instagrammable’ places happens to be located only one hour ferry ride from Singapore. Sunny tropical weather, warm turquoise waters, white and soft sandy beaches, these are only a handful of what Bintan has to offer. Bintan is indeed one magical and enchanting island to visit.

ANMON Instagrammable Resort near singapore

If you are planning a vacation in Bintan and looking for an Instagrammable resort to stay, make sure you book your plan at The ANMON Resort Bintan. ANMON is a desert glamping resort adorned with white teepee-style tents. Even the entrance is breath-taking. You will be welcomed by the swaying palm trees and cactus dotted around the resort. While the receptionists check you in, you can lounge on one of these comfortable chairs while taking a few snaps, perhaps?

Instagrammable Resort in Bintan

Upon reaching your teepee, you will be greeted with a soft, white, timber-dominated interior design. The bathroom is no exception, with timber finishings equipped with sustainable toiletries and amenities. There is even a skylight to allow natural light to enter, perfect for taking daytime photos. Seems like Each corner of the teepee is designed to specifically satisfy your Instagram needs!

Instagrammable Resort di Bintan

Guests at ANMON can enjoy several things that are available on the location. In the mood for some cinema action? No worries! ANMON provides an outdoor cinema so you and your loved ones can enjoy a film or two - under the stars! Nom-nom time? Hop on to Tipi Bar with various drinks available, especially the specially curated signature cocktails and mocktails! Enjoy a wild night out with your friends. Get a little ‘crazy’ on your trip. If you prefer more casual activities, you can go lounging at the container pool or the sunken lounge, or spend the day with a  relaxing massage at the spa tent.

tipi-bar-anmon-Instagrammable Resort in Bintan

Guests at ANMON will also be given complimentary access to wander around the Treasure Bay area. You can visit the Crystal Lagoon where waterports such as lagoon kayaking and wakeboarding are available. If you happen to look for a background for your self portraits, there are various murals on the location. The best of all? ANMON provides wifi for the guests in each of their tents and public areas, enabling immediate access to your social media accounts! Overall, the whole area is aesthetically-pleasing, perfect to capture for your Instagram feeds. Bring your camera and Instagram your heart out in this desert themed glamping resort!



Indulge yourself with our 2 fully equipped Event Domes, and make ANMON truly your own. From weddings to birthdays, we’re here to transform your event into the incredible experience you’ve always wanted. For more details, feel free to reach out to our friendly sales team here.

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With the facilities & activities available in the resort premises, ANMON is best for families with children aged 5 years old and above.