Discover Bintan - Home To A Host of New Experiences

Whether visiting one of the local beaches such as Trikora Beach or having a taste of exotic delicacy, there’s more to Bintan than what meets the eye.


If you are craving for a short getaway within Indonesia that offers scenic landscapes and great hospitality, Bintan is the right choice for you. Located in the northern part of Sumatra Island, a part of the Riau archipelago of Indonesia. Bintan is only an hour ferry ride away from Singapore Tanah Merah Ferry Terminal.



Bintan is home to many world-class resorts, each with her own distinct character.

People often flock to Bintan seeking leisure from hectic everyday life. But why spend the day floating away in the swimming pool of the resort of your choice when you can explore the beauty and adventures Bintan holds? We have several recommendations of things and activities to discover while visiting Bintan, home to a host of new experiences.  


Beach Lust

One particularly fascinating aspect of Bintan is its exotic beaches. There is a wide range of public beaches in Bintan, including Trikora Beach, White Sands Islands, Lagoi Beach, and Hamid Beach. Each offers its own unique characteristics and hypnotising charms. If you plan to go sunbathing under the merciless sun or snorkeling, Trikora would be the perfect choice as it is more popular with the locals. If you yearn for something a little more exclusive, enjoy the spotless trail of white sand at White Sands Island which is located just a 15-minute boat ride from Trikora. Take a long stroll along the shores or take a dip in the sparkling turquoise waters, enjoying this piece of paradise.

Essence of Flavor

It is not quite a vacation yet if you haven’t indulged yourself with local cuisines delicacy. In Bintan, you can find almost all variants of dishes, from Indonesian to Asian to European, depending on what your taste buds fancy. The signature food of Bintan is otak-otak, a grilled fish cake wrapped in banana leaf. The flavor comes from the combination between the spices used to grill the fish and the burnt banana leaves. Another must-try Bintan delicacy is Gonggong which is a boiled or steamed sea snail. The smooth texture of the flesh, dipped in sweet chilli, will overwhelm you. Prepare yourself for an authentic culinary experience.

Nature Nurturer

Bintan offers more than just beaches and food. If you are into nature or an adrenaline junkie, Bintan has many outdoor activities that are both challenging and fun. Embark on an adventurous journey by hiking Mount Bintan where you will be greeted by diverse wildlife creatures and dense rainforests. You can also hope on a sampan with a visit to Bintan Mangrove, home to a wide variety of fauna such as snakes, crocodiles, monkeys, and otters. Bintan Mangrove offers night tours where you can dance amongst the tropical jungles and fireflies under the bright, twinkling stars.

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