Enjoying a Resort in Bintan and Getting Special Bintan Souvenirs 

enjoying resort in bintan

One of the resorts in Bintan is The Anmon Resort. This place is popular as a glamping resort, since it offers teepee tents for enhancing a different vacation sensation. Not only that, visitors can also enjoy various exclusive facilities, especially before deciding to buy typical Bintan souvenirs for family members at home or simply as a personal collection.

So, what facilities does The Anmon offer for tourists on Bintan Island? These facilities include a patio, digital concierge, tipi bar, and others. With these various facilities, you have the opportunity to take a meaningful vacation, get new experiences, and still have the opportunity to interact with locals around the resort area.

Take a Peek on local souvenirs and enjoy resorts in Bintan

As the majority of people say, no vacation is complete without bringing typical Bintan souvenirs, especially when you decide to enjoy a holiday at the glamping resort offered by The Anmon Resort. Well, like other vacation spots, it turns out that Bintan Island also has a variety of unique souvenirs to take home. What are some of these souvenirs?

In general, tourist souvenirs can be divided into two, those are souvenirs in the form of food and souvenirs in the form of mementos (clothes, ganci, hats, etc.). Both have durable characteristics so you can bring them to your place of origin safely. In this article, typical food souvenirs of Bintan Regency that can be selected as a consideration will be discussed.

1. Gonggong Crackers From Snail

If you like snail-based foods, then Gonggong Crackers might be the right choice. These crackers are easily found in every corners of Bintan, such as on the roadside to souvenir shops that can be visited by local or foreign tourists. You can identify these crackers by their labels or by their striking visual shapes.

Resort in Bintan is also not far from Gonggong Cracker sellers. Regarding its taste, these crackers have a crunchy and savory taste so that people love them. The Gonggong Crackers will be more Indonesialicized when you want to try them with warm white rice. In fact, you can enjoy these typical Bintan souvenirs as snacks at The Anmon Resort.

When compared to other crackers, this food tends to be higher in price. However, tourists still have nothing to lose when deciding to buy Gonggong Crackers. Regarding the crackers have been packaged in a modern way so that they deserve a high selling value. In general, Gonggong Crackers have neatly pressed packaging with a special stamp.

2. Hawaiian Coffee from Selected Beans

Unlike its name, Hawaiian coffee has no connection with the Island of Hawaii in the United States. The origin of the name comes from local residents who named it until it is popular up to now. This coffee is a priority souvenir if you have friends who love coffee or even if you like to drink coffee by yourself.

Resort in Bintan seems to be one of the suitable places to enjoy it, especially if you are in a glamping resort to get a natural feel with modern comfort. From generation to generation, this typical Bintan souvenir has been produced from selected coffee beans. So, it is not wrong if hawaiian coffee offers a delicious taste.

As an illustration, hawaiian coffee is able to attract people's attention through its aroma. With professional brewing, this coffee is even priced at a high price. However, hawaiian coffee grounds are still sold at affordable prices for local or foreign tourists, which can be found in special, medium-sized and environmentally friendly packages.

3. Bilis Gulung, Not Just for Religious Events in Bintan

In the past event, Bilis Gulung was served only at religious events. However, in modern times, Bilis Gulung can be found as a popular souvenir to buy at The Anmon Resort. Up to now, Bilis Gulung have been produced by home industries, who still use traditional machines or human labor.

Bilis Gulung is also popular for their savory taste. Therefore, this food has many fans in Bintan Island. With modern packaging, Bilis Gulung can last for several months so it can be stored as a spare snack. You can find them on the way to souvenir shops around Bintan Island.

It feels good when you take the time to walk around the shops. Then enter a souvenir shop and find Bilis Gulung in the rows of merchandise shelves. In the market, maybe people will be confused about choosing the right product, because there are various brands of Bilis Gulung. If you look at it carefully, it looks like an elongated roll making it a perfect snack.

4. Feather Clams to Eat and Raw Clams for Souvenirs

Resort in Bintan is committed to serving exclusive dishes to provide the best service. The Anmon Resort gives the feel of wildlife camping with the glamping resort, including the feeling of eating a natural dish. This will be even more memorable when you decided to taste a typical Bintan souvenir, the feather clam dish, on this island.

If you are a big fan of seafood, then the feather clams are the ultimate souvenir. This food comes from mussels freshly caught by fishermen, it still is fresh even when sold at fish markets. Moreover, various restaurants also offer feather clams for local or foreign tourists. You have the opportunity to choose dishes according to your taste.

Processed feather clams are quite durable as a souvenir. However, you can also choose a raw feather clams as a souvenirs. Apart from being durable, feather clams per kilogram tend to be practical and more affordable to buy. As a means, try to select raw feather clams freshly caught from the sea.

5. The Most Popular Batang Buruk Cake

The majority recognize Batang Buruk Cake as a specialty food of Bintan Regency. The reason is, on religious holidays, such as Idul Fitri, Batang Buruk Cake is served as a snack. With a name that sounds strange and interesting, people are increasingly attracted by the visuals and taste of this food.

Usually, this cake is served in small pieces so that people can easily eat it in various conditions. Maybe, when you try Batang Buruk Cake for the first time, your tongue will find a sweet taste with a mixture of sugar, milk, or green beans. Then, you will also feel a savory taste when the cake is bitten again.

Thus, Batang Buruk Cake appear to be the most attractive souvenirs. However, people need extra attention to maintain the texture of the cake which tends to crumble easily. Therefore, sellers often give double plastic so that Batang Buruk Cake can be brought home safely, for local or foreign tourists, without being damaged.

enjoying resort in bintan

This is the end of the reviews about Bintan souvenirs that must be tasted when visiting The Anmon Resort. In essence, enjoy a vacation in the shade of a glamping resort with various exclusive facilities. However, don't forget to find regional souvenirs that you can take home and enjoy the comforts of a resort in Bintan.



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