Dance the Night Away at ANMON’s TIPI Bar



“Two guys walk into a bar… The third one ducks.”

Familiar with these kinds of ‘bar’ jokes? Well, aren’t we all?

We’ve all heard our fair share of classic bar jokes. Well, in this case, when a guy walks into the TIPI Bar, he might never want to leave. Any way, TIPI Bar’s service and signature cocktails are sublime. You will be craving for more.


As the name suggests, TIPI Bar represents the concept of The ANMON Resort Bintan which is a glamorous camping or widely known as glamping with teepee-style tents. Committed to providing the best service to their guests, TIPI Bar’s fancy signature cocktails are  founded by the team behind Singapore’s famous bar, Three Wisemen. Ask the bartenders what your favourite cocktails say about you. You will be impressed.

The space is unattached from its main building, The Compass Rose restaurant and The Oasis, though it has a similar feel to it: it’s open, it’s elegant, and it’s the kind of bar that invites you to have a good time with your tribe. And for what it is, TIPI Bar offers a delectable selection of fancy and unique cocktails, all specially curated and served by an award-winning mixologist from Singapore.



While resorts and bars often go hand in hand, but the TIPI Bar—which is only a Telepod ride away from the resort—takes the bar to another level. The space, which is surprisingly spacious, echoes the resort’s design with a clean and open setting that makes you feel as though you are drinking in a seaside bar in Bali accompanied by the sound of the beach waves.


TIPI Bar is a treasure of its own. Most people roll in for their signature cocktails such as the Teatime Shrine. Well, if you feel a little more adventurous, try their intriguing Dance of Fire God Ra, a desert-inspired cocktail and I promise that you will not be disappointed. If you’d like, you can even get to indulge yourself in a shisha session in TIPI Bar.


TIPI Bar is one of those rare bars that can please almost anyone. There are booths, a large bar and an airy space for guests to mingle and bond. Their wide selection of drinks will impress both partygoers as well as folks who simply wish to have a lowkey night out. If you feel a little lost while choosing the right beverage to sip, don’t fret, the well-selected staff is more than happy to help, thankfully.


Sticking to their selling persona as one of the most—if not the most—Instagrammable resorts in Bintan, the light in TIPI Bar is made for Instagram and you will see guests taking full advantage of it. Top off the night and head over to TIPI Bar to chill and lay low while bonding with your fellow like-minded spirits. Sip from the nectar of this once-in-a lifetime cocktail bar and let the magic of the desert come alive. Complete your stay at ANMON by basking in the glow of TIPI Bar’s magical nightlife.



Indulge yourself with our 2 fully equipped Event Domes, and make ANMON truly your own. From weddings to birthdays, we’re here to transform your event into the incredible experience you’ve always wanted. For more details, feel free to reach out to our friendly sales team here.

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Food taste better when they’re shared. Here, nourish yourself with the nectar of Mediterranean-inspired fusion cuisine amidst great company. Give and take with our tribe – every meal is a chance for connection, an invitation to new beginnings.



Parties at The Oasis are never just revels. They’re about creating genuine connections and making a statement. Immerse yourself in our cool waters with floats aplenty, and redefine poolside chilling with our unique outdoor cinema experience.



Our very own desert-inspired Tipi Bar offers unique craft cocktails, specially created by our award-winning mixologists. Embrace the soul of the desert over good conversations and spirits aplenty.



Revel in the lush green of our lawn, and take a gambol with our resident goats, Hope & Destiny. Delve right into the heart of nature with the community spirit. An ideal space for special occasions, birthdays, weddings, and more. Find out more from our team here.



Step into the spacious expanse of our lobby, where all paths converge. While away languid afternoons as you share your stories with fellow kindred spirits. Bond over freshly roasted marshmallows with our campfire facilities.

With the facilities & activities available in the resort premises, ANMON is best for families with children aged 5 years old and above.

Our hearts and prayers go to those who are affected by this outbreak and we appreciate the healthcare and frontline workers battling to contain the virus, keeping everyone safe and ensuring that lives goes on as normal as possible.

ANMON has made the difficult decision to temporarily suspend our services.
Do keep close to be updated on our reopening.
Now more than ever, we are one tribe. Let’s stay in, for the world.