Splashing’ Water at Crystal Lagoon, Bintan Most Precious Gem

Splashing’ Water at Crystal Lagoon

Travelling to Bintan will not be complete unless you visit Treasure Bay Bintan. It is an integrated tourism city on a massive 338-hectare land. This ambitious project is planned to hold many attractions for tourists. As we all know, Bintan quickly develops into the most important tourist destination in Indonesia due to its many exotic beaches and proximity to Singapore.

Treasure Bay Bintan is intended to have many ‘first in Asia’ projects, including the first largest man-made seawater lagoon named Crystal Lagoon. This artificial lagoon has an extensive range of recreational and sporting activities for its visitors. All people from all ages can enjoy many fun activities in the area.

What attracted tourists to Crystal Lagoon?

Massive Area

masive area crystal lagoon

The 6.3 hectare area is filled with seawater which has gone through the filtering process which provides perfect water condition all year long. With a measurement of 800 meters from one end to another, the surface area of Crystal Lagoon is equivalent to 50 Olympic-size swimming pools. Wow!

Eco-friendly and Sustainable

susaunable crystal lagoon

Crystal Lagoon is made with eco-friendly technology that is sustainable and safe for the environment. The technology allows limited resources, such as water and energy, to be used efficiently. Crystal Lagoon’s state-of-the-art technology maintains its stunning turquoise waters all year long which offers an incredibly beautiful beach view for the visitors.

Various Fun Water Activities

water activity crystal lagoon

Crystal Lagoon is the best place to be if you are planning to have so much fun water activities under the sun during your vacation. This recreational lagoon is specifically designed to accommodate numerous water activities such as kayaking, sailing, swimming, or snorkeling. 

The options are unlimited. If you prefer a more adventurous ride, you should try Jetovator where the ride redirects water to propel you to the air. You can go kayaking in a kayak and paddle around the area. Prefer to relax or sunbathe? You can enjoy floating around on a floaty that comes in many shapes, such as unicorn, donut, duck, and many more. 

Perfect for the Whole Family

for family

If you are bringing children, there is a floating playground that offers endless adventures for the little ones. Don’t worry about their safety. There are experienced staff around that will make sure the children can play safely over the water. Not only that, the crystal turquoise water also makes the perfect backdrop for capturing special moments for your photobook or Instagram.

Affordable Entrance Fee

affordable entrance fee

From the outside, Treasure Bay Bintan looks nothing special. It only looks like an ordinary building. Apparently, the building is the entrance and place to purchase tickets. To enter Treasure Bay Bintan, adult visitors must pay IDR 120,000 meanwhile tickets for children cost IDR 90,000. The rate includes deposits, drinks, and fees for using rides.

Surrounded by World Class Resorts

surrounded by world class resort

The area of Treasure Bay Bintan provides world-class accommodation for tourists. You can find anything here, including restaurants, high-end resorts, and many more. The area is also sometimes used to hold various events, so make sure you browse the internet first to know what’s currently going on in the area.

Stay at ANMON

stay at anmon

If you wish to spend your holiday in Bintan, especially around the Treasure Bay area, choose ANMON as a place to stay. The ANMON Resort Bintan is a desert-inspired glamping resort that will allow you to have the most authentic retreat experience during your stay. 

stay at anmon

This self-contained resort offers extensive facilities that will revitalise the mind, body and spirit of its visitors. Guests will find themselves a modern comfort inside a soft-white teepee with en-suite bathroom that will guarantee exquisite and wonderful time.

stay at anmon

The area of the resort is close to Treasure Bay Bintan which means that visitors can get to the Crystal Lagoon by foot or using Telepad that can be rented in ANMON. The ANMON Resort Bintan has a special offer that applies until 20 November 2020. The offer includes entrance to Treasure Bay Crystal Lagoon and unlimited rides on selected facilities there. Make sure you book before the time runs out!




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